Briana lamb is Aaniih (Gros Ventre) from Fort belknap, Montana. She makes her home in Missoula, Montana with her two boys. She is an Organizer, researcher, and activist; continually working on and supporting community based solutions and preventative measures regarding interpersonal violence in Indian country. She has been involved in the MMIW movement for the past 6 years, organizing walks, vigils, teach-ins, and various other events to bring awareness to the issue. MMIW stand for missing and Murdered Indigenous women; in the state of Montana, native women make up nearly 40% of the total missing and Murdered cases while being only 6% of the population. She got involved in the movement after leaving a very tumultuous relationship DV relationship. She has collaborated with many different organization and tribes including western native voice, seventh gen, save our sisters, confederated Salish and kootenai tribes and as well as fort belknap tribal community just to name a few. She has recently shifted her work to learning the ins and outs of policy making to make impactful lasting change. She is currently working with Senator Testers office to expand MMIW awareness in the United States and recently returned from a trip to Washington D.C where she attended the State of the Union Address as Senator Testers guest. In December 2018 she witnessed history; having helped organize and attend The first senate Committee on Indian affairs  mmiw hearing entitled, “Missing and Murdered: confronting the silent crisis in Indian country was held. “ 

This years conference then is “Be Brave” and Briana encourages everyone get involved in something you’re passionate about a small bit of courage goes a long way.