“My focus shifted towards global systemic issues when I witnessed first hand what was happening as a result of tourist pollution during a 3-month sabbatical where I was fortunate enough to surf in Morocco and Indonesia as well as trek to Everest Base Camp.  

The common thread I noticed across all those areas was the persistent use of plastic water bottles by tourists despite the current technology available to filter or sterilize water effectively.  The consequence of seeing recyclable trash litter the local areas was disappointing.  The experience became an inspiration to shift my career towards global solutions for the preservation of our environment. My intention in this work is to utilize Nature as a guide, a mentor and as an inspirational voice to my clients.”

As the Founder of Follow the Sun, Erica weaves in nature-based wisdoms into her organizational and individual consulting and yoga practice. Erica works to support organizations and individuals to reconnect with nature for understanding and finding Flow - one's fullest potential. Erica is a Kripalu certified 500-hour Ayurvedic Yoga teacher and holds a Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma and an MBA in Leadership and Organizational Change Management.  She currently spends her time between California and North Carolina supporting her individual, organizational and non-profit clients.

Erica gives back to the communities by taking on selected pro bono projects for nonprofit organizations throughout the year. Currently, she serves on the board of The Teaching Well