Rebecca Parrish is a documentary director, cinematographer and editor.  Her feature directorial debut, Radical Grace, follows three fearless catholic nuns who risk their place in the Church to follow another higher calling: social justice.  As a “none,” part of a growing demographic of religiously unaffiliated millennials, Rebecca was surprised to find that she had a lot in common with...nuns! Their shared beliefs that all life is interconnected and that spirituality is grounded is social justice form the core of Radical Grace.  The film is is executive produced by Susan Sarandon and has garnered multiple awards and rave reviews. called Radical Grace “an exhilarating” film “that easily ranks among the year’s best.” The Washington Post wrote that the film gives viewers the privilege of bearing witness to clear-eyed moral courage.”  Rebecca also makes impact videos and photography stories for nonprofit organizations through her company, Interchange Productions. Her non-profit projects have received multiple awards including the YouTube DoGooder nonprofit video award and the Salsa Labs 2012 Hot Tamale Award for outstanding campaign organizing.