The theme for Athena 2019 is BE BRAVE, it has been shaped by our previous two events and the fantastic feedback from all of our attendees. 

The event will include healthy, fantastic food, with gluten-free, nut-free and vegetarian options, as well as morning exercise options, built in movement throughout the day, and light-you-up speakers and personal mission, vision, and values YOU time. We want you to have whitespace to do the work while you're at the event, this is time for YOU and have built the event to honor that rare treat.



MAY 1: Ground & Gather

The opening day is committed to grounding and gathering. Instead of coming in hot from out of town and not giving yourself a margin, this day is about having space to ground and set intentions. Is this event a time for you to retreat and focus? Is it time to connect with people that you rarely get to see? How do you need to prep yourself to be in a space to make the most of this investment?

Day 1 gives you the opportunities to kick off your Athena experience with our opening workshops. We have designed two workshops that are dedicated to timely and important topics that impact us all - crafting our story, and managing money.   See full descriptions below.

 If workshop are not your thing we have provided some additional Athena offerings: creative headshot + makeup + bio writing sessions*, yoga classes, trail runs hosted by Athena partners, opening cocktail party, Birds of a Feather dinners, and the Athena Coaches Corner.

Coaches Corner? Tell me More! Throughout Day 1, you have the opportunity to sign up for a free personal coaching session with one of many coaches specializing in executive leadership, wellness, finances, and more. This was very popular at our last event and we've moved the timing so you can attend all programming and have a personal coaching session. Take advantage of this opportunity to reflect on your intentions for your time at Athena and for the year to come! This is a first-come, first-serve opportunity; ticket holders will be notified closer to the event when sign-ups begin

*Shine Time: Headshots & Professional Bio Writing. Show up for a professional makeup session, professional headshot, and then have your bio written for you by a professional writer. Treat yo'self! Package is $175 and sign up will be after you register pre-event. 

9:00 - 12:00

Morning Workshop: What's Your Story? 

Your Story Has Power: a workshop to unearth your personal narrative

Come to this intensive interactive workshop where you will be supported to explore, own and learn to present your truest personal story. Being willing and able to courageously tell your personal story is an important leadership skill and a critical piece of being able to build authentic relationships with yourself, your community and your audiences. You story can set you free!

Workshop presented by the Million Person Project.

In this hands on workshop led by Million Person Project trainers, you can unlock your narrative and use it to make change—in your life and in the world. Perhaps you want to communicate more honestly with your loved ones. Maybe you’re eager to get up on a big stage and inform the audience about a cause that’s close to your heart. Perhaps you’ll choose to share your experience in writing. Most likely, you’re just not sure where to begin. The Million Person Project invites you to embrace the power of storytelling, no matter how big your dreams are or how scary it feels. In this workshop we will help you identify your most impactful experiences, find your audience, and raise your voice. 

The Million Person Project is a global project about love, storytelling, and connecting change-makers. The Million Person Project team is fascinated by how authentic personal stories can transform a room, a relationship, an organization, or the world. They have led coaching and training sessions all over the globe and have trained change-makers to tell their stories on stages at TED, the United Nations, She the People and many more. 

12:00 - 1:00

Lunch on your own. Explore downtown Bozeman's many venues. 

1:00 - 4:00

Afternoon Workshop: Your Money, Your Life 

You asked, we listened. Every year we've been given that feedback that attendees want more time to work on their personal finances AT THE EVENT.  This is the time. We're bringing in 4 experts from across the country in Small Business Ownership & Financial Management, Retirement Planning, Credit Scoring and Identity Protection, Budgeting, and Investing.  We're giving you plenty of work space. And now, you'll have the time to actually do the work. 

Here, we encourage you to bring your laptops, personal budget spreadsheets, calculators, pencils, and we're going to get down to business. This is the time to focus on any of your financial questions and then do the actual work to get setup for financial success in the coming years. We'll work on crafting your personal financial plan and the steps you need to take to execute that plan.  

How much time do you dedicate to your financial success? This is a great time to start and give yourself space to focus on your personal finances while having experts in the room to help.

Guided Trail Run in the Bozeman mountains. 



Kickoff Party and Birds of a Feather dinner signups.


Birds of a Feather Dinner Circles. 


MAy 2: Deep Dive

This day is fully dedicated to our 2019 theme of BE BRAVE. The focused programming is centered around this topic, getting clear on what being brave in your life looks like, along with the space an time to work on your personal mission and visions for the future.


Coffee, Tea, Pastries, and Connecting


Conference Kickoff


Opening Keynote


Morning Work + Whitespace to apply morning content


Morning break & connection


Controlling your schedule and commitments. Busy is a Decision, or, as Jim Rohn says, "Either you run the day, or the day runs you." Hear from others on how they manage their day, and learn techniques for un-committing.


Catered Lunch


Women, Business, and Leadership Panel: Optimizing Endurance. How Does She Do It?


Trailblazer's Forum. Hear from 4 Trailblazers, lessons learned, stories of bravery in leadership, and participate in a group discussion


Afternoon Break


Negotiations & Communication. Frances Cole Jones, national communications expert, leads us in a workshop on how we communicate, the power of language, word choice, non verbal communication, and how we can all be better negotiators. 


Closing Keynote