2 day women’s leadership event coming again in 2021



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You are the company you keep.
What company have you been keeping? 

The Athena Pack is a 2-day summit in Bozeman, Montana that is built around the idea that you are the company you keep. 

Who we surround ourselves with matters. 

We used to call our event "The Athena Conference". We've transitioned to "The Athena Pack", because, like Rudyard Kipling points out in his poem "Law of the Jungle" and Abby Wombach stated in her 2018 Barnard College Address, we believe we are better together. The first Athena Pack event, in 2016, was focused on Shine Theory- and the idea of keeping strong, supportive company. A Pack. The Athena Pack. We have built The Athena Pack around Shine Theory, and the company you keep, evolving into what we're calling The Athena Pack.

Our event brings together kind, fun, bold, collaborative women who want to elevate each other. 


It’s an elevator. It’s Peace of Mind. It is inspiring Women. Inspiring Change. 

For us, it’s where we go to see our people, to find more of our people. It’s where we go to surround ourselves with women who help us find, possibly remember, and hone the BEST version of ourselves. 

It’s the space where we DO THE WORK. Where we get to ask the hard questions. It’s where we get to learn from women who have been there before, and to really invest in growing into yourself as a leader. 

We created The Athena Pack (sometimes called APACK, sometimes called Athena) because we wanted the space, and the time, to dedicate to asking better questions. We wanted to do it with best-in-class thinkers and women from across the United States: and we wanted to do it underneath that Big Montana Sky.


Thanks for the wisdom you and your superstar team brought for the Athena Pack event. The ladies of Alpine were and still are spinning with ideas and tools to make Montana — heck, the WORLD — a better place!
— Sam, Angela, and Leah, Alpine Physical Therapy